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Number of Calories in Tofu: Facts and Tips

Tofu is the superfood that's beloved for its low calories, low fat, and high protein content. It's perfect for weight loss, it's perfect for diets, and it's packed full of wonderfully healthy nutrients.

You can steam tofu, fry tofu, boil tofu, add tofu to salads, curries, or noodles soups and it's going to taste fantastic. But now that we've sold you on the nutritional yet delicious benefits of tofu, you might be wondering about the science behind our claims!

How healthy can tofu really be, and how many calories are there in tofu? Let's take a look at the answers!

What is tofu?

So what is Tofu, exactly? The history of Tofu goes back thousands of years. In fact, it's thought to have first been made by accident in China. Across Asia, it remains a staple food to this day.

Tofu is also known as beancurd, and it's totally plant-based. Tofu is made from soybeans which have been turned into soy milk. Using a coagulation process similar to the one for making cheese, the soy milk is then pressed into solid tofu. Unlike cheese though, tofu is completely vegan, and for this reason, it's become a staple of meat-free diets across the world in recent years.

Tofu is not only vegan and low in calories, but tofu is also low in carbohydrates, gluten-free, and, in our opinion, rather tasty too!

Are there different types of tofu?

There are a few different types of tofu you might find in your local supermarket. They all have a different number of nutrients and calories, so it's good to know the difference.

Tofu is usually classed as either soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. You may find places where soft tofu is called silken tofu as well. The softer your tofu, the more water it has. The firmer your tofu, the less water it has. As there's more water, there would be fewer calories in firm tofu than in extra firm tofu, for example.

Even though there are more calories in extra firm tofu, there would also be more protein and a higher nutrient count too.

How many calories are in a block of Tofu?

Tofu is usually prepared in large batches and cut up into smaller blocks for sale after processing. This is how you're going to buying your tofu, so you might be wondering how to tell how many calories are in a block of tofu?

Here are a few quick calorie facts for a block of medium firmness tofu:

  • Size of tofu block: 340g
  • Calories per block: 320
  • Servings per tofu block: 4
  • Average serving size per person: 85g
  • Calories per serving: 80 

That gives your average tofu block just one calorie per gram. Don't forget too, the less firm your tofu block is, the fewer calories there will be.

Of course, you can also prepare your tofu in a variety of delicious ways too, but remember, the way you prepare tofu can also affect the number of calories. The most popular preparation methods are frying, steaming, or boiling. The healthiest way to prepare tofu, is by steaming or boiling, as this preserves the most nutritional value.

Frying is much less healthy, and the oil can double the number of calories you'll be eating. For that reason, there are many more calories in fried tofu than there will be in a similar-sized portion of steamed tofu.


Is tofu good for weight loss?

With such a low-calorie content, it's easy to see that tofu can definitely be good for weight loss! But is tofu fattening?

Tofu is nutrient-rich and dense in proteins and fats. In fact, up to 50 percent of the calories in tofu come from its fat content. Compared to red meat though, the amount of fat you'll be eating through tofu is still tiny. The carbohydrate content is low in tofu too, so there's less chance of these calories turning into fat as well.

Here are a few nutritional tofu statistics for you, for an average serving size of 80g:

  • Fat: 7g
  • Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Protein: 14g


So, if you were wondering how many calories in tofu are good for you, then the answer is quite a lot! Yes, there is a high level of fat in tofu calories, but the reality is that a tofu heavy diet can be great for weight loss, especially in comparison to a meat-heavy diet.

So, how many calories are in Tofu?

You really can't beat tofu if you're looking for a healthy addition to your meals. It's great for vegetarian and vegan diets, as it's packed full of protein and as we've seen, it really is low in calories.

With the average tofu serving size having just 80 calories to its name, it's great for weight loss and diets. There really aren't too many other foods out there with so few calories, yet such great nutrition. And if we've made you hungry, then don't forget, you can cook tofu in so many ways too!