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Tex-Mex Tofu Pack

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ARRIVES   4 Aug - 6 Aug, 2021



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The Ultimate Healthy Cooking Set

If you love Mexican food but want to eat more healthily, we have an excellent bundle for you. The TofuBud tofu press and UnoCasa tortilla press, tortilla warmer, and taco holder bundle is a perfect choice to bring the delicious flavors of Mexico home. Your friends and family will love it when you whip up a whole bunch of tortillas and tacos. With the tofu press as part of the set, you can incorporate tofu into meals to make dinners delicious but still healthy!


Durable and Robust

We've made sure that we make every product in this TofuBud and UnoCasa bundle with high-quality materials - we want you to get years of good use out of our products! We make the tofu press with food-safe plastic and the tortilla press with super-strong cast iron. We construct the tortilla warmer with high-quality ceramic and the taco holders with stainless steel. The tortilla warmer and the taco holders are heat-resistant, so you can even use them in the oven! This means you can use the tortilla warmer as an oven dish and the taco holders to turn soft maize tortillas into crunchy taco shells.


Traditional Mexican Food Like Never Before

Mexican families have been making tacos, burritos, empanadas, and other traditional dishes for generations. You can make all these authentic foods and incorporate tofu into your meals with the TofuBud tofu press. With this bundle, you can easily create traditional Mexican dishes for vegans, vegetarians, and healthy eaters!


Great as a Gift

If you need a unique and useful gift for somebody who enjoys cooking or a friend following a plant-based diet, this TofuBud and UnoCasa bundle is an excellent option. Whether you are shopping for a friend's wedding or bridal shower or an interesting birthday gift, this bundle is a winner!

How the product works:


    With the TofuBud tofu press and UnoCasa tortilla press, tortilla warmer, and taco holder bundle, you can quickly whip up a batch of tasty homemade tortillas and tacos and make a healthy tofu-based filling to go with it. 

    This set is exactly what you need to make a healthy Mexican dinner with your loved ones!

  • How to use the tortilla press and warmer:

    • Prepare your favorite tortilla dough.
    • Place dough balls more or less the size of golf balls in the press between parchment paper sheets.
    • Press the lever down to flatten your dough balls into tortillas. 
    • Once you've achieved the right thickness, move your tortilla out of the press.
    • Discard the parchment paper.
    • Repeat the process until you have pressed enough tortillas for everyone!
    • Cook your tortillas in a hot skillet for around 30 to 40 seconds on each side.
    • Once your tortillas are lightly browned, place them in the tortilla warmer and close the lid to keep the moisture in.

  • How to use the taco holders:

    You can use the UnoCasa taco holders to serve your tortillas, or you could use them to make crunchy taco shells. To use the taco holders, simply place your tortilla or taco in the stands, fill them up with tasty ingredients and serve. 

    If you want to make crunchy taco shells, place maize tortillas in the taco holders, and bake for between 8 and 10 minutes at 375°F. Don't forget to use mitts to take them out of the oven!

What's included
what's New

What's Included

  • Tofu press:

    • 1 x Tofu press

    You'll never have to stack weights on a block of tofu or spill drained water again! With the TofuBud tofu press, pressing tofu is a breeze!


    • 1 x recipe e-book

    You'll find tons of delicious ideas in this handy recipe e-book!


    • 1x Instruction booklet

    The booklet will give you simple step-by-step instructions on how to press tofu using your press.

  • Tortilla press:

    • 1 x Tortilla press

    Material : Cast-iron 

    Size : 10 in

    Weight : 12.62 lbs


    Also included:

    • 100 x Sheets of parchment paper
    • 1 x Set of replacement screws

  • Tortilla warmer:

    • 1 x Tortilla warmer
    • 1 x Lid

    Material : Ceramic

    Capacity : Large enough to hold up to 15 tortillas

    Size : 4.3 in x 8.6 in

  • Taco holders:

    • 6 x Taco holders 

    Material : Stainless steel 

    Size : 8,6 in x 3.9 in x 1.9 in

    Capacity : Each holder can hold 3 tacos

    Weight : 0.44 lbs

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What is a tofu press used for?

Before you cook tofu, it's important to squeeze the liquid out of it. A tofu press is a kitchen gadget that helps you to do this. Pressed tofu doesn't fall apart when you cook it; it absorbs flavor better and has an improved texture. 

If you enjoy crispy tofu, it's important to squeeze as much liquid out of it as possible!

Why do I need a tofu press?

If you cook tofu regularly or want to begin doing that, a tofu press will save you time and effort. It's an excellent kitchen tool for healthy eaters, vegans, vegetarians, and people who follow a plant-based diet. 

It is by far the most efficient and easiest way to squeeze water out of a block of tofu!

How do I Cook Tortillas After They're Pressed?

Once you've pressed your tortilla to the desired thickness, cook it in a hot skillet. It should take around 30 to 40 seconds on each side. You'll know when it's cooked because the surface will begin to lightly brown, and it will smell amazing!

Why Should I Have a Tortilla Warmer?

If you make tortillas regularly, a tortilla warmer is an excellent way of keeping the moisture and flavor locked in. This is especially good for those who enjoy entertaining family and friends and want to whip up large batches of tasty tortillas. 

You can also use the UnoCasa tortilla warmer for cooking casseroles or as a serving dish. The warm orange color and beautiful design look great on the dinner table!

What are the Pros and Cons of Having Taco Holders?

There are only pros to owning taco holders - it makes mealtimes more effortless and more fun. Taco holders make having tacos less messy; it also helps you cram more fillings into your tacos!



Customer Reviews

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