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    Tofu Press + Fermentation Crock Bundle

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    ARRIVES   1 Jul - 2 Jul, 2022

    In Stock

    ARRIVES   1 Jul - 2 Jul, 2022


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    Prepare Healthy Meals Quickly

    With the TofuBud Tofu Press and Fermentation Crock Bundle, it's simple to prepare healthy, tasty meals at home. With the Tofubud Tofu Press, you can have ready-to-cook restaurant-worthy tofu in no time! Just place your tofu in the press and wait a few minutes! Use the Fermentation Crock to easily make delicious fermented veggies. All you need to do is prepare your veggies by slicing them into similar-sized pieces, add them to the Fermentation Crock with a brine, and wait until they reach peak flavor!


    Perfect Results. Every. Time.

    With the Tofubud Tofu Press and Fermentation Crock Bundle you will turn out perfect results each and every time you use these versatile tools! The Tofu Press was created to allow you to adjust the press settings and observe the process so your tofu is perfectly drained. The Fermentation Crock was specially designed with an innovative deepwater groove that provides extra protection to keep unwanted bacteria out of the crock while allowing gases to naturally escape.


    Add Extra Nutrition to Your Diet

    Veggies fermented in this Fermentation Crock are packed full of good bacteria and the enzymes your gut needs to be healthy! And the Tofu Press will make tofu easier to cook so you can add more plant-based protein to your diet!


    Efficient Design & Premium Materials

    The ceramic Fermentation Crock was specially designed to be ergonomic, so it's easy to use, move around, and store. The Tofu Press was specifically crafted to have two pressure levels so it would work for all types of tofu. The Tofu Press and Fermentation Crock are both made with high-quality, food-safe materials. These handy items are must-haves for healthy eaters or cooks who want to experiment with delicious hassle-free foods.


    Easy to Use and Clean

    The TofuBud Tofu Press and Fermentation Crock are compact and are ready to be used as soon as you receive them! With detailed step-by-step instructions included in the bundle, you can have perfectly pressed tofu and crunchy fermented veggies in no time. Cleaning both the Tofu Press and the Crock is as simple as using them! Wash the items with warm, soapy water, dry them, and store them away until the next time you use them!


    Excellent Gifts

    If you're looking for an interesting but useful gift for somebody who has (almost) everything, the TofuBud Tofu Press and Fermentation Crock bundle is an especially great option for vegans, vegetarians, health-conscious people, or those following a plant-based diet. This bundle makes an excellent gift for a wedding, bridal shower, birthday, or holiday. Everyone will love just how easy it to make tasty, healthy meals with this bundle!

    How the product works

    • Tofu press:

      The TofuBud tofu press is a quick and easy way to press tofu at home; this is how it works:


      1. Place a block of tofu inside the Tofu Press.
      2. Turn the knob - this will tighten the spring. If you're pressing soft tofu, turn it until you hear one click. If you're pressing firm tofu, keep turning it until you hear the second click. 
      3. Place the tofu press in the fridge and let it stand for 15 to 20 minutes until the liquid is drained. 
      4. Discard the liquid using the handy built-in spout. 
      5. That's it! Your tofu is ready to cook!

    • Fermentation crock:

      The HomeBuddy Fermentation Crock makes light work of making healthy, crunchy fermented veggies at home. This is how it works:


      1. Prepare your veggies by slicing them into even pieces and placing them in a bowl.
      2. For every 5 lb of veggies, add around 3 tbsp of salt. 
      3. Cover the contents with water.
      4. Stir and pound the mix with the wooden pounder.
      5. Place everything in the Fermentation Crock. 
      6. Pack it all down with the wooden pounder making sure everything is submerged in the brine.
      7. Place the weights on top, shut the lid, and fill the water groove with water. 
      8. Place your crock in a warm, dark area. 
      9. Wait for around 2 to 6 weeks before you taste your veggies. 
      10. Keep tasting until you're happy with the flavor, and then decant your delicious fermented veggies into glass jars. 
      11. Store your veggies in the fridge to stop the fermentation process, and enjoy!

    What's included
    what's New

    What's Included

    • Tofu press:

      • 1 x Tofu Press

      The press makes pressing tofu a breeze! You'll never have to worry about stacking weights on a block of tofu or spilling drained water everywhere again!


      • 1 x Tofu recipe e-book

      You won't run out of ideas for cooking tofu with this handy recipe e-book!


      • 1x Instruction booklet

      Even if you've never used a tofu press before, this detailed step-by-step instruction booklet will show you exactly what to do.

    • Fermentation crock:

      • 1 x Fermentation crock with lid

      The HomeBuddy fermentation crock is water-sealed, to keep out bad bacteria while allowing gasses to escape, and has an attractive, sleek design - perfect for any kitchen. It's made with all-natural, food-safe material and is suitable for making sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and all other kinds of fermented veggies.


      Material: Glazed ceramic