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    Tofu Tortilla Bundle

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    ARRIVES   1 Jul - 2 Jul, 2022



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    Healthy Cooking Made Easy

    Mexican food is delicious, but it's not always healthy! So if you love the flavors but want to make healthier versions of dishes like tortillas, tacos, burritos, and empanadas at home, this bundle is perfect. Nothing beats the taste of freshly made tortillas. Add a healthy tofu filling to that, and you're set for a healthy Mexican feast! Your friends will love it when you invite them over for dinner. With the UnoCasa tortilla press, they can even press their own tortillas!


    High-quality and Durable

    We make the TofuBud tofu press with high-quality, food-grade plastic and the spring mechanism with robust stainless steel. You'll enjoy tasty tofu meals for years with the TofuBud press! UnoCasa tortilla press is made with cast iron and includes a set of replacement screws, just in case you need them after a few years. Maintenance of the press is as simple as seasoning it and storing it. You'll be making tasty tortillas and tacos for many years!


    A Great Gift Option

    Are you looking for a wedding or engagement gift? The TofuBud tofu press and UnoCasa tortilla press set is a unique and interesting gift for a new couple. It's also an excellent gift idea for health-conscious home cooks, vegans, and vegetarians.


    Perfect Results With Every Meal

    The TofuBud tofu press allows you to adjust the settings so you can drain soft or firm tofu. So forget about stacking weights on a block of tofu and making a mess; with the tofu press, you'll have perfectly drained tofu without a mess in minutes! With the UnoCasa tortilla press, you can have perfectly shaped and sized maize or flour tortillas every single time. You'll no longer have to do it by hand, which takes time and effort. The tortilla press makes light work of a lot of tortillas!


    Easy to Use and Clean

    The TofuBud tofu press and UnoCasa tortilla press are ready to use as soon as you receive them! We include detailed instructions so you can press a block of tofu and whip up a bunch of tortillas in no time! Once you've finished pressing your tofu block and making your tortillas, cleaning both the tofu press and tortilla press is simple. First, wash the tofu press with warm soapy water, dry it, and store it. Next, remove any dough residue from the tortilla press, wipe it clean with water only (no soap!), season it, and store it.

    How the product works:

    • Tofu press:

      The TofuBud tofu press is an excellent way to squeeze the liquid out of the tofu before you cook it. Pressed tofu has a better texture, and it absorbs flavor better. Also, the more liquid you drain from it, the crispier your tofu's edges will be!

    • How to press a block of tofu with your tofu press:

      • Place your tofu inside the tofu press.
      • Turn the knob to tighten the spring.
      • For soft tofu, turn the knob until you hear one click. For firm tofu, turn the knob until you hear a second click. 
      • Place the tofu press in your fridge for around 15 to 20 minutes.
      • You'll see the liquid draining from the tofu into the container. 
      • Once you've drained it, use the built-in spout to pour the liquid out.
      • Your tofu is ready to prepare and cook!

    • Tortilla press:

      The UnoCasa tortilla press is a great way to make tasty, fresh tortillas at home without the hassle of rolling them out by hand. With this press, you'll have a batch of tortillas ready to be cooked in no time!

    • How to make fresh homemade tortillas using the tortilla press:

      • Prepare your flour or maize dough.
      • Place balls of dough in the press between two sheets of parchment paper.
      • Press the lever down gently until you've flattened your dough to the desired thickness.
      • Remove the tortilla from the press and discard the parchment. 
      • Keep repeating the process until you have enough tortillas.
      • Cook each tortilla for 30 to 40 seconds per side in a hot skillet. You'll know it's cooked when you see it becoming nice and brown. 
      • Serve your tortillas with a filling of your choice.

      You can use tofu as a substitute for meat when you cook your tortilla filling. It's a tasty and super healthy alternative, and it's easy to whip up with your handy TofuBud tofu press.

    What's included
    what's New

    What's Included:

    • Tofu press:

      • 1 x Tofu press
      • 1 x Tofu recipe e-book
      • 1x Step-by-step instruction booklet

    • Tortilla press:

      • 1 x Tortilla press

      Material : Cast-iron 

      Size : 10 in

      Weight : 12.62 lbs

    • Also included:

      • 100 x Pieces of parchment paper
      • 1 x Set of replacement screws

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