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TofuBud Friends Pack

🔥LIMITED TIME OFFER: get a TOFU PRESS for yourself & a friend with $24 DISCOUNT

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ARRIVES   22 Jan - 24 Jan, 2022


In Stock

ARRIVES   22 Jan - 24 Jan, 2022

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Extra-firm tofu in no time

Using a Tofubud Press is the best way to press tofu. It's also the quickest way to get it extra firm. It takes only 15 min for this tofu press to drain all the moisture out, even from a block of the firmest tofu! The TofuBud tofu strainer is just what you need to make crispy tofu! The drier you can get your tofu, the crispier you can get the edges when you bake or fry it. We all love that crunch!


Simple to use and easy to clean

The TofuBud box-style tofu press is easy to assemble. This means you can begin using it without delay. It's also compact, so storing it is a breeze: it fits perfectly in a fridge and a microwave. Just remember to remove the stainless steel spring! Cleaning this tofu presser is as simple as using it! Wash it with warm, soapy water or put it in the dishwasher if you would prefer.


Fast and mess-free

Whether you are a vegetarian or a vegan, a busy mom, a foodie, or a chef, every one of us could use some extra time to do what we genuinely like. Luckily, you can trust your Tofubud press to quickly do an impeccable job while you focus on living your life. This tofu press is quick, simple to use, and mess-free. Drain more liquid from tofu than with any do-it-yourself technique. Make your favorite tofu dishes whenever you want and surprise your loved ones with new recipes.


Designed for efficiency

The two pressure levels make this tofu squeezer suitable for different kinds of tofu; whether you need a little bit of liquid drained from some silken tofu or you need very dry tofu for a recipe, this press is perfect! It is a must-have for all foodies, health enthusiasts, amateur, or professional cooks who want to make their cooking healthy and hassle-free.

How the Product Works:


    TofuBud makes draining tofu super easy and efficient. With this food presser, you'll never have to worry about how to get water out of a block of tofu again! If you're wondering how to use a tofu press and whether it's a complicated process, rest assured it's not! Using a press is easy, and it's a lot quicker than the manual method.

  • Follow these simple steps:

    • Place the block of tofu in the tofu maker box.
    • Turn the knob to tighten the spring. When you hear a click - this is the first level of tension. Use this level for soft tofu.
    • For a firm block of tofu, keep turning the knob until you hear the second click. This indicates the second level of tension and is what you need to use to get tofu really dry and firm.
    • The TofuBud tofu press is compact enough to place in the fridge out of your way. Let it stand for between 15 and 20 minutes as it drains. The pressure will drain the water out of your tofu.
    • Discard the liquid gathered at the bottom of the press in the catcher. The handy spout built into the press makes this easy and mess-free.
    • Your tofu is ready to be transformed into something tasty!

  • Using a tofu press is by far the best way to drain tofu

    You'll never again have to ponder on how to get water out of tofu or make home-made contraptions to try to get the job done! And, once you've drained your tofu, a world of unique dishes is open to you to explore. Whether you're craving something crispy and crunchy, or a smooth and silky quiche, you will find a tofu recipe to satisfy your craving. And there is no need for feeling guilty about having something delicious; tofu is low in calories but high in taste. It truly is a wonder-food!


What’s Included

  • 2x Tofubud Tofu Press

    The Tofubud Press will make pressing tofu and preparing the dishes you love even easier! Never worry about stacked books taking up your kitchen space or drained water spilling all over your counters again!

    Special christmas holiday deal: Get two tofu-buddies. One for youselft and one as a gift to someone else!

  • 2x Recipe E-Book

    This recipe e-book is filled with recipes that were created to go perfectly with your new tofu strainer. You will never run out of inspiration or ideas!

  • 2x Instruction booklet

    This booklet will help you extend the life of your tofu squeezer so you can use it for years to come.



I finally got to try the tofu press that @tofubud sent me and I am obsessed. I made some tofu that night and it was never that crispy! And let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat tofu without properly pressing it to remove moisture 🤩🤩



Tofubud is much better than my old method of using plates to press the tofu. It has two settings one for regular tofu which has less pressure and one for firm tofu. Easy to use and clean. I’d definitely buy it again.



Add the coil topper but make sure you line it up and you are all set! Wait 15 minutes & your tofu is ready for cooking!

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What is a tofu press used for?

A tofu press is a nifty kitchen gadget used to squeeze the water out of a block of tofu. Before you cook tofu, it has to be prepared by having the liquid drained out of it. This is necessary for the tofu to hold its shape if you bake or fry it. With too much liquid in it, the tofu will fall apart!


Pressed tofu absorbs flavor, which makes it taste better. It also has a far superior texture. The drier the tofu is, the crisper you'll get the edges!

Do you need a tofu press?

Using a tofu press is by far the best way to remove liquid from tofu. Once you've invested in a press and know how to use it, all that's left to do is to begin experimenting with using tofu to whip up all kinds of unique dishes. When it comes to this wonderful food, the variety of options available is endless! 


If you don't have a press, don't despair; you can still get yummy extra firm tofu - a home-made tofu drainer also does the trick, even though it's not as convenient or easy as using a tofu press.

What's the best tofu press you can buy?

There are various types of tofu presses on the market in different materials like plastic, wood, and stainless steel. A standard tofu squeezer is usually slightly larger than the size of an average tofu block. This makes it compact, so it's easy to store in the fridge while you wait for it to do its magic!


If you're shopping for a tofu strainer, an excellent place to start is to read a few tofu press reviews. This type of input from other tofu-lovers will give you an idea of what they are commenting on and complaining about. You'll soon notice the current trends and what makes a super tofu press. 

The best tofu press will have the following characteristics: 


  • It will be manufactured with quality materials, so it's durable and robust.
  • The spring mechanism will be robust and made of stainless steel.
  • The press should be easy and comfortable to use.
  • The press should be simple to clean and to keep clean.
  • Compact, so you can put it in the fridge while it's doing its job.
  • The pressing mechanism should have different tension levels so that you can use it for both firm and soft tofu.
  • The casing should have a transparent base so you can see where the water level is at. This will make it clear when it needs to be drained. 
  • The press should have a spout built into it, making it easy to pour the water off when the press becomes too full. Without this, it can get messy!


Tofu makers are there to make your life simpler. It shouldn't be a complicated process to press your tofu! With a well-designed and constructed tofu press like TofuBud, you'll never struggle to get your tofu ready for cooking action!

What type of tofu should I buy?

Buying tofu may seem daunting at first if you're not familiar with this type of food. You may not know what the best tofu to buy is until you begin to experiment. Most people start with a block of firm tofu. 


To make softer foods like vegan mayonnaise, sauces, or a tofu scramble (vegan "scrambled egg"), silken tofu is the way to go. This type of tofu is soft and squishy, so you won't need to use a tofu squeezer unless you only need to drain a tiny bit of liquid. Press it gently for a few minutes! Watch out for over-pressing; it could break this type of tofu apart.


Another option is to buy pre-pressed tofu, which takes the hassle out of preparation. Be mindful, though, even if the tofu is already pre-pressed, it may need to be drained a bit longer for recipes requiring extra firm tofu. But don't worry, tofu that's already been pressed will be ready in minutes!  

If you're unsure where to buy tofu that's already pressed, try doing an online search for local suppliers or online stores.

How long does it take to press tofu?

With a tofu press, it is possible to get extra firm tofu in minutes. A standard block of firm tofu is drained in 15 to 20 minutes with the TofuBud press. If you're not using a tofu strainer, it can take a lot longer, even a few hours!


Manually pressing tofu by wrapping it, wedging it between flat objects, and stacking weights will also work. How long it takes to work is the question, and this depends on how much weight you put on it and the moisture content of the tofu, to begin with. Tofu pressing is far from an exact science!


Luckily, there's a simple way to see if your tofu is ready to be used. Wipe it down with a clean tea towel or kitchen paper. If any moisture is absorbed, it needs a bit more time! 

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