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    Vegan Breakfast Sandwich with Tofu Eggs and Vegan Cheese!

    Our vegan breakfast sandwich is the best way to start any day. It doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend, or a Tuesday morning, because our healthy vegan breakfast ideas are packed full of flavor but seriously lacking in calories.

    Composed of vegan ham, melted vegan cheese, and surprisingly authentic tofu eggs layered up between vegan English muffins, this is one breakfast to savor, then repeat the next morning.

    This is the ultimate vegan and veggie breakfast sandwich, and you’ll be craving more all the way through to lunchtime. Keep reading, and you can find out exactly how to master our delicious vegan breakfast sandwich. 

      Other delicious vegan sandwich fillings 

      Our tofu breakfast sandwich is fairly straightforward, but simplicity doesn’t mean it lacks taste or flavor. There are, of course, plenty of ways to spice up this quick vegan breakfast or tailor it towards your own personal tastes and preferences. 

      For some culinary inspiration, here are a few great ideas for different fillings and toppings:

      • Instead of English muffins, you can use other types of bread (as long as they are vegan, of course). You could try a tasty sourdough or a fresh French baguette. Sliced bread is a classic choice, but you can also experiment with ciabatta or bruschetta.
      • Quickly turn this into a breakfast burrito or breakfast wrap by using vegan tortillas instead of traditional bread. 
      • Try out different sauces. If you don’t like spice, add some garlic mayonnaise or ketchup. If you do like spice, go for some buffalo hot sauce on top of the tabasco. You could try spreading guacamole over the muffins or adding some salsa to the top too. 
      • There are so many different vegan cheeses on the market these days that it would be a shame not to try them all out. Instead of simple cheese slices, why not try out some vegan feta for a Mediterranean feel or some jalapeno vegan cheddar for an added touch of spice?
      • You don’t need to stick to vegan ham either, with so many different vegan meat substitutes available too. You can try vegan sausages or vegan sausage patties; you could even just start the day with a vegan burger on top of your egg tofu.

      There are so many great fillings and toppings you can add to your egg tofu for breakfast, so why not start experimenting? It’s your breakfast, so add as many layers as you need.

      Alternative vegan breakfast options

      We love a good vegan tofu sandwich, but don’t forget that this is just the start of your journey into the delightful world of vegan breakfast items. 

      With tofu, you can easily replicate both egg and meat products to create a hearty, filling breakfast. Alternatively, you can whip up a vegan breakfast on the go with a light tofu scramble!

      Here are a few of our favorite vegan recipe breakfast ideas to get you up early each morning:

      Full vegan breakfast

      This is the full works; a hearty breakfast comprising vegan sausages, vegan hash browns, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, scrambled tofu, and vegan bacon. That’s just the base, so add on every other vegan delicacy you’ve been craving to try for breakfast too, and you’ve got an incredible start to the day. 

      Tofu scramble

      Start the day with dairy-free scrambled eggs. Tofu crumbles extremely well, and in doing so, takes on the texture and consistency of scrambled eggs. Add in a few herbs and spices, then top with some chopped green onions and some salt and pepper. Serve on toasted bread or as part of a larger full vegan breakfast.

      Vegan breakfast burrito

      The breakfast burrito is the ultimate in breakfast decadence, and vegans no longer need to miss out on this extravagant start to the day. Cook up some tofu eggs, chop up some vegan ham or vegan sausages, then wrap it all up in a large tortilla with a liberal serving of salsa, vegan sour cream, and guacamole. Oh, and don’t forget the spicy hot sauce, either. 

      Vegan breakfast sandwich FAQ

      What’s the best tofu for tofu eggs?

      For a vegan breakfast sandwich, the best tofu to use is extra firm tofu. This type of tofu is thicker and chewier than other types of tofu, such as soft or silken tofu. This extra thickness, or firmness, makes it much easier to build a sandwich (without it falling apart).

      However, if you’re looking to cook up other types of vegan eggs, then you can try using a firm or soft tofu. For instance, tofu scramble works better with softer tofu, as you want it to crumble and to be a little creamy in texture. 

      Why do I need to press the tofu before cooking?

      Pressing and draining tofu is an important part of this recipe (and any recipe that needs seasoned tofu, for that matter). Tofu has naturally high water content, but we need to remove this excess liquid before we start cooking.

      Pressing the tofu allows the water to be removed, which is great for the taste. High water content results in bland, flavorless tofu, but remove that water, and the tofu has much more space to absorb the flavors of your seasoning instead. 

      Are vegan breakfast sandwiches healthy?

      These sandwiches are much healthier in comparison to traditional meat and dairy-based breakfast sandwiches. If you were to cook up an English breakfast muffin with sausage, egg, and melted cheese, it’s going to have a lot more calories and a lot more saturated fat than our vegan, meat-free, dairy-free version.

      Tofu is wonderfully healthy, too, offering a high protein content and lots of important minerals, such as calcium. Of course, if you are trying to be healthy, then you need to limit the number of layers you assemble and the number of ingredients you use, even in a vegan sandwich. 

      What’s your favorite vegan or vegetarian breakfast sandwich? 

      What is a good vegan breakfast? We believe that a good vegan breakfast is one that’s filling yet healthy and packed full of traditional breakfast items such as cheese and eggs, minus the dairy. Our sandwich fits that nicely, but it’s also easy to change the recipe to add your own personal touch!

      Why not save our vegan breakfast sandwich recipe, and get cooking tomorrow morning?


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