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Draining Tofu to ensure that perfect texture and taste can be a real hassle. Alas, no more! Forget waiting for hours, piles of paper towels, bowls, tightening screws every few minutes, not to mention safeguarding from curious children and pets, followed by overnight marinating... TofuBud’s got your back!

Whether you’re a full-on vegan or veggie, a super busy mum, office health enthusiast, foodie or fussy perfectionist, you will love how quick and simple preparing your favourite Tofu dishes will be from now on


Bringing serenity to contemporary chaos. We want to contribute to sustainable and healthy living by inspiring people to eat more plant protein, do more cooking, and have more time for what truly matters in life.


Inspire the world to eat more plant protein by making restaurant quality Tofu possible to enjoy for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

A healthy and nutritious plant protein product, Tofu is a crucial part of vegan and vegetarian diets, and a staple of Asian cuisine. Chefs and home cooks alike value Tofu for its ability to absorb various flavours. But in order to ensure perfect texture and taste, Tofu needs to be very well drained.

Unfortunately, conventional Tofu pressing methods can be painstakingly time consuming, complicated and messy. Many people avoid preparing it altogether. We want to change this. We see a world where anyone can enjoy the perfect Tofu as often as they desire.


By offering the best Tofu pressing solution there is.

TofuBud delivers distinguishing experience and is designed to last. It perfectly compliments and facilitates contemporary home or office cooking. Not only is TofuBud quick and simple to use, but it also drains more liquid from Tofu and guarantees a mess free process, unlike any known do-it-yourself technique. We will inspire people to choose small solutions that can make a big difference in their lives and in the world.