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    It all started with a Tofu Press

    We were sick of wasting paper towels and squeezing our tofu blocks between plates for hours on end before starting dinner, so we designed a product that cut prep time down to 15 minutes and virtually removed any extra waste. 

    Since then, we’ve been working on expanding our line and providing our customers with a range of affordable cooking tools that make vegan and vegetarian cooking easier. So whether you’re a full-on vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, or somewhere in between, you can use our products for cooking delicious meals without compromising your precious time. 

    We care about sustainability, so our products are durably built to last for years to come. We hope you love them as much as we do!

    Our Vision for the Future

    We launched the TofuBud brand with a clear purpose in mind - to transform how we look at plant-based eating as an industry leader in sustainable kitchen gadgets. 

    Every day, we aim to share exactly how plant-based eating can be a healthy option for everyone, including the planet, at a price that’s affordable and accessible to all.

    We see a future in which we bring our diets back into balance, cutting down on meat consumption and increasing the nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients we use in each meal. With the help of a few simple tools, we can make plant-based cooking faster and more convenient while cutting down on carbon emissions and the use of unrenewable resources.

    Click here to learn more about our brand’s impact.

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