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    Healthy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Cauliflower Cheese Recipe)

    A healthy grilled cheese? Is that even possible? You’re not wrong to ask, because traditionally, the grilled cheese is delectable comfort food. It’s oozing in butter and dripping in grilled, melted cheese calories that are high in fat and cholesterol.

    Yes, a grilled cheese sandwich is undeniably tasty, but it’s not very healthy! Don’t worry, though; there are so many different ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches, and with a few tweaks and some light cheese, you can easily prepare a more nutritious grilled cheese at home. 

    Our healthy grilled cheese recipe uses cauliflower, cheese, whole grain bread, and a whole host of flavorful herbs and spices. When it comes down to healthy vs. unhealthy foods, this is one low calorie grilled cheese that will be the first choice, every time!

    Keep reading for our ultimate skinny grilled cheese recipe ideas. 

      Tips for preparing the healthiest grilled cheese variations

      Our cauliflower recipe is just one of the great grilled cheese ideas you can try at home. With a few extra tips, you can start using super healthy ingredients and substitutes to make your own recipes. Leave those pesky and unhealthy grilled cheese calories behind with our healthy grilled cheese recipe. You can also veganize the sandwich by replacing cheese with tofu, just make sure to press it before cooking it!

      Use whole grain bread

      The classic grilled cheese typically calls for white bread as the number one choice (after all, this is the most readily available type of bread in the stores!)

      The quickest way to make a healthy grilled cheese is to switch your white bread for whole-grain bread. Whole Grain bread has fewer preservatives, and it’s much higher in fiber than white bread. Whole wheat bread is also lower in calories and fat, making this a much healthier option for your sandwiches.

      Skip the butter!

      It’s easy making grilled cheese without butter, especially when there are lots of other delicious options on the table. We use Dijon mustard and olive oil as a butter substitute for grilled cheese, but there are plenty of healthy alternatives to try.

      Instead of dairy-based butter, you can use a plant-based butter substitute for a grilled cheese instead. A grilled cheese olive oil recipe works well, but so does plant-based mayonnaise if you want an even crispier (yet still healthy) outside coating. 

      Be picky with your cheese

      The main ingredient of a grilled cheese is the cheese, and this is where you should choose carefully and pick the least fattening cheeses for your sandwich. 

      Most cheddars come in a light or skinny version, and these are typically lower in calories than your standard cheese. Try low-fat cheese slices, or be adventurous with the Mediterranean flavors and try delicious feta or halloumi cheeses (although they don’t melt in the same way as cheddar.)

      More healthy options for stuffing your grilled cheese sandwich

      What goes with grilled cheese? Loads of great grilled cheese sides and fillings do!

      As well as cauliflower, you can try other baked vegetables to give your cheese sandwich a crunchy filling. Go for roasted broccoli and squash, for instance. Try an avocado spread or avocado slices, or you could add a few tomatoes, some cucumber, or zucchini. 

      Opt for a few different fresh herbs for extra flavor as well. How about some dill, freshly chopped parsley, or some oregano? 

      Importantly, don’t be sparing on the salad you put in your grilled cheese either. As this is fresh and light, we suggest arugula, but you could opt for traditional shredded lettuce, kale, or spinach. If it’s leafy and green, then it’s a healthy addition to your grilled cheese. 

      Healthy grilled cheese recipes: The final say

      There are a ton of ways to create grilled cheese sandwiches that are super-healthy and low in calories, rather than dripping with fat and cholesterol. 

      Make a grilled cheese with olive oil instead of butter, switch white bread for whole grain, and use the least fatty cheese you can find in the store! 

      Why not bookmark our recipe for a healthier grilled cheese when you’re trying to think of more beneficial things to put on grilled cheese sandwiches?


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