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    Tofu Cheese: Vegan Feta Recipe

    Are you missing crumbly, salted feta cheese? Well, don’t worry, because this is a recipe that’s fit for any Greek or Mediterranean dinner!

    Tofu cheese makes a fantastic vegan substitute for feta cheese, offering a low fat, high protein alternative that’s as healthy as it is delicious. You’ll need a large block of firm tofu, a tofu press, and a liberal coating of our feta marinade. 

    Here’s our recipe; the ultimate dairy-free feta cheese substitute for vegans! 

      Tofu cheese recipe FAQ

      This is a rather easy recipe to make, as it takes zero cooking. All you need to do is prepare your tofu then let it absorb the flavors of your marinade. Still, we thought we’d put together a quick FAQ to answer any questions you might have about our recipe!

      What tofu is best?

      Feta cheese is both solid yet crumbly, and we can recreate this unique texture by using a firm or extra-firm tofu in our recipe. Other types of tofu, such as soft or silken tofu, will prove to be far too soft to take on the texture of feta cheese.

      It’s also important that you press your tofu before you add it to the marinade. All tofu has high water content, and we need to drain this excess liquid in order for the tofu to stay firm and keep its shape. Draining the liquid also allows the tofu to better absorb the marinade (it tastes much, much better once pressed and drained!).

      How long do I need to marinate it?

      In the recipe, we suggest leaving your tofu cheese to marinate for at least 4 hours. This gives the tofu enough time to start absorbing the flavors of your seasoning. However, if you can marinate your tofu for longer, there’s really no reason not to.

      You can leave your tofu to marinate for up to 48 hours if you have the time to prepare your cheese in advance. Simply leave your tofu covered and come back to it a few days later.

      Any less than 4 hours, however, and your tofu might taste bland and neutral, rather than salty and Mediterranean. 

      What can I use it for?

      This dish is amazingly versatile, and you can use it as a vegan substitute for any dish or recipe that would ordinarily call for standard feta cheese. For any dishes and recipes that require a salty cheese, you simply swap in this cheese instead!

      This recipe works particularly well in light summer salads, alongside olives, fresh cucumber, and tomatoes. You can prepare light pasta dishes and garnish them with some crumbled tofu feta, or you can crumble the feta over winter stews or soups to add a salty, cheesy touch to the dish.

      You can even just eat a whole plate of tofu feta cheese on its own!

      Is feta cheese vegan?

      Standard feta cheese isn’t vegan, of course (it’s prepared using dairy products, like all traditional cheeses), but that’s why we put together this delightfully authentic tofu recipe to prepare as a vegan-friendly substitute!

      Is tofu cheese healthy?

      This dish is wonderfully healthy, and it makes for an excellent addition to any vegan diet. We love using tofu as a cheese substitute because not only is it easy to season, but it’s absolutely packed full of protein. 

      It’s also low in calories, low in fat, and contains many essential minerals, including iron and calcium. If you've cut out dairy from your diet, tofu can make up those valuable vitamins! 

      Now you can start making tofu cheese at home!

      That’s it for our tofu feta recipe, which means that it’s time for you to start preparing your own dairy-free feta cheese at home!

      This simple recipe is healthy, packed full of protein, absolutely delicious, and takes almost no effort at all to prepare. Why not bookmark it for your next Mediterranean dinner? 


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