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    Tofu Lettuce Wraps: A Healthy, Low-Calorie Recipe

    Tofu lettuce wraps are a healthy, low calorie, vegan meal that you can prepare for lunch or as a light dinner. This effortless recipe is quick to put together and features fresh ingredients wrapped up in crisp lettuce!

    The secret to this dish is tofu. To make vegan lettuce wraps, you'll need firm, crumbled tofu drained in a tofu pressAdd our zingy, zesty, spicy sauce, and you've got a flavor sensation without the sugar and high calories. 

    Keep reading, and find out how to prepare our tofu lettuce wraps recipes! 

      Tofu lettuce wraps FAQ

      How many calories are in 1 tofu lettuce wrap?

      Vegan lettuce wraps are wonderfully healthy and incredibly low in calories. The exact number of calories per lettuce wrap depends on how much of the filling you wrap up and how much sauce you pour on top. However, we estimate that each lettuce wrap has between 100 and 200 calories. 

      Healthy vegetarian lettuce wraps are low in calories, and the crumbled tofu is an excellent protein source for vegetarians and vegans. 

      Enjoy one or two wraps as an appetizer before a meal, or turn this into a lunch or light dinner by adding a few sides. 

      What tofu is best for tofu lettuce wraps?

      Firm tofu works best when preparing tofu lettuce wraps. More delicate versions won’t hold up to the crumbling process because they have slightly higher water content even after pressing and draining them. Firm tofu is a solid, thick consistency, but still fairly easy to crumble up using your hands.

      You can also use extra-firm tofu, although it's a little more complicated as it doesn't crumble so easily. We don't recommend using soft or silken tofu, as these are too watery and too soft for this recipe. Stick to using soft and silken tofu in your dessert recipes!

      Why do I need to press my tofu?

      It's important to remember to press your firm tofu before you start cooking, or you won't be able to crumble it. Tofu is sold in large blocks and packaged with water to keep it fresh. This means it has a higher water content than we need to cook it!

      A tofu press is the most effective and quick way to remove this excess liquid, as you simply set up the press and leave your tofu to press and drain for 20 minutes. However, if you don’t own a tofu press, you can wrap your tofu in paper towels before pressing down firmly with a heavy object (a chopping board does the trick!)

      The drier your tofu is, the easier it is to crumble and the better it's going to taste in the lettuce wraps (it will taste like your sauce and seasoning, rather than tasting of water!). 

      Which lettuce is best for lettuce wraps? 

      Your lettuce sets the whole tune for this tofu wrap recipe. When biting into this wrap, your lettuce should have a crisp and fresh CRUNCH. 

      The lettuce is an essential ingredient for these wraps, so it's a good idea to pick the best lettuce you can from the market or your local store. Look for lettuce heads that are fresh and green without wilting edged.

      For lettuce wraps, we recommend purchasing Butter or Boston Bibb lettuce. This type of lettuce provides a large, solid leaf that you can easily wrap around your ingredients. They don't tear or fall apart easily, which is what you need when you're using them as wraps!

      Can I try other sauces?

      Easily customize this recipe to fit your own tastes by using different sauces and seasonings. That way, you can vary up your lunches and dinner times while preparing healthy wraps more often!

      If you're not a fan of hot spice, try more traditional salad dressings, either homemade or from the store. Just make sure they are vegan if you are purchasing sauces ready-made. 

      Stick to a simple vegan garlic mayo or a classic caesar dressing if you prefer a thicker sauce. You could also opt for a simple vinaigrette or pesto topping. 

      What can I serve with tofu lettuce wraps?

      If you’re cooking for just a couple of people, this recipe will make enough for a light dinner or lunch by itself. However, they do also make for a great appetizer. 

      As this dish is inspired by similar South East Asian salads from Thailand and Laos, we'd suggest that you prepare this dish as a starter or accompaniment alongside other Southeast Asian-inspired dishes. 

      For instance, consider pairing your vegan wraps with pad thai or Thai green curry.

      That's it for our tofu lettuce wraps!

      That's a wrap for our tofu lettuce wraps recipe!

      This easy-to-prepare recipe is healthy and super low in calories. Use vegan lettuce wraps recipes to prep your lunches for an entire week. Host a meal for your friends and have an entirely Asian- inspired night. 

      Why not save our tofu lettuce wraps recipe to cook for your next lunch or dinner?


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