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    Vegan Borscht: Vegan European Soup

    Borscht is an Eastern European staple, and this soup is as down-to-earth and practical as the strong culture that created it. This vegan borscht recipe is a plant-based take that doesn’t compromise its deliciousness - follow our simple recipe below!

    Borscht is an Eastern European and Russian classic, made with earthy beets, potatoes, and beef. This borscht soup is as delicious as it is beautiful, with a brightly-colored crimson broth. 

    While we love the original, we wanted to update the recipe so we could still eat plant-based while enjoying some hearty borscht. By replacing the beef with the pan-fried tofu, you can make borscht suitable for any dietary preference without losing that delicious, earthy beet flavor. 

    To make it a little more decadent, we topped our vegan borscht with sour cashew cream, and it was absolutely the right decision! So yummy. 

    Follow our simple recipe for vegan borscht below, and enjoy the wafting scents of borscht floating through your home as this soup simmers on the stovetop. 

      Meatless Borscht Recipe - Nutrition Information

      Serving Size: 1 serving, topped with cashew cream

      Calories: 273 kcal; Sugar: 14.6g; Fat: 14.9g; Carbohydrates: 29.4g; Dietary Fiber: 6.3g; Protein: 10.5g.

      Vegan Borscht - FAQ

      What is borscht?

      Borscht is a beet-red soup made from, you guessed it, beets! This Eastern European staple traditionally contains beef, beets, and potatoes for a hearty, filling lunch or dinner. It’s a slightly sour soup, generally topped with sour cream, which enhances the sour notes. 

      We decided to lighten up the classic borscht recipe and make it plant-based, using tofu in place of the beef and replacing less nutritious potatoes with cabbage and carrots instead. 

      What does borscht taste like?

      If you’ve ever eaten a beet, you know it has an incredibly unique, earthy flavor. Much of that beet flavor transfers into the soup as veggies simmer in the broth on the stovetop. Borscht is slightly sweet and tangy, with a hint of acidity. 

      The flavor of beets can be a little polarizing, but if you like beets, you’ll love borscht. 

      Do I need to press the tofu?

      Yes, the tofu pressing step is crucial to making your tofu deliciously crispy, as its high water-content won’t fry up well without a press. 

      We use a simple tofu press, like this, because it’s ready from start to finish in 15 mins. If you don’t own a tofu press, you can wrap your tofu in a dry paper towel, then place it between two heavy plates or cutting boards. Add a weight on top for even more pressing power. This method takes a little longer, so you should leave the tofu to press for 2-3 hours minimum. 

      Can I use a different type of tofu?

      You can use firm or extra-firm tofu for this recipe, as they’re the least watery tofu options and fry up nicely. Regular, soft, or silken fall apart when pressed and heated, as they have relatively very high water content.

      Is borscht healthy?

      Borscht is packed full of nutrition, and our vegan borscht contains plenty of lean protein, too. This flavorful soup has uber-nutritious beets stuffed with vitamin C, folate, fiber, and plenty of other minerals. 

      Borscht is low in fat and relatively low-calorie, making it an excellent choice for anyone following low-fat or calorie-restricted diets. 

      Having a few bowls of nutrient powerhouse vegan borscht every week can help you reach your recommended veggie and vitamin intake. 

      Storing your vegan beat soup 

      This vegan borscht recipe keeps for up to 4 days in the refrigerator in a sealed container. You can also freeze this vegan soup for up to 3 months. 

      You can serve these leftovers hot or cold, which is refreshingly delicious in the summer. Your vegan sour cream lasts for 3 days in the fridge, and you can use it on any foods that pair well with regular sour cream.

      Our final notes on this hearty, vegan Russian food

      We love making this warm beat soup for a cold or rainy day! However, cold beat soup is so refreshing on a hot summer day!

      If you’ve never tried borscht, don’t be afraid to try this delicious vegan version. Bookmark our recipe and recreate this delicious soup at home!


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