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    Top 8 Pain Relieving Anti-Inflammatory Drinks

    Chronic inflammations are unfortunately a long-lasting symptom of a variety of common health conditions. However, you can take away the edge and keep pain levels low with easy-to-prepare anti inflammatory drinks. 

    Using natural ingredients with proven anti inflammatory qualities, such as turmeric, ginger, parsley, and fruits, you can easily mix up juices and smoothies for inflammation. We’ve put together our top 8 suggestions to help you reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and improve your well being exponentially. 

    Keep reading, and discover how to make anti inflammatory tea for anxiety, how to use cherry juice for inflammation, and how to make a delicious anti inflammatory smoothie from your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables!

    Anti inflammatory drinks: Do they work? 

    Why not just take a few aspirin or paracetamol, you might be asking. Are these natural remedies for inflammation actually proven to reduce pain? 

    Everyone reacts differently to different remedies and medications, and the word ‘herbal’ can often be seen as an unscientific approach to relieving pain. The fact is, though, that while an anti inflammatory tea or anti inflammatory juicing shouldn’t be seen as long-term solutions for medical conditions, they do help to take away the pain by reducing inflammations. 

    Humans have been using herbs and fruits for thousands of years when confronted with sickness. It’s certainly proven that food does affect our wellbeing and that there are natural remedies that have the qualities and ingredients necessary to reduce inflammation. 

    Using natural ingredients also adds extra nutrients and essential vitamins that our diet might be lacking, and that helps us to keep our body healthy and ready to fight off unwanted illnesses! 

    Plus, herbal tea for inflammation is going to taste a lot nicer than a few painkillers mixed with water. 

    Top 8 anti inflammatory drinks 

    We aren’t here to debate the science behind how to reduce inflammation; we’re here to help you find a delicious anti inflammatory juicing recipe that you can mix up at home. From turmeric tea to shots of ginger, here are 8 drinks that reduce inflammation. 

    1. Turmeric tea 

    Preparing a turmeric drink for inflammation or other aches and pains is a classic homemade herbal remedy that’s been around for centuries. 

    The active ingredient that makes a turmeric anti inflammatory drink effective is curcumin, which is incidentally the same active ingredient that is favored for its taste and distinctive yellow color in Indian cuisine!

    You can prepare a simple turmeric tea by mixing together ½ tsp of turmeric powder with a dash of black pepper, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some honey or maple syrup for sweetness. Mix together with water and allow to simmer on the stovetop. 

    2. Baking soda and water

    Okay, so baking soda and water isn’t the most attractive way to fight inflammation, but it is one of the most effective remedies. It’s also easy to mix up, and we’re certain you’ll have the necessary ingredients in the cupboard already! 

    Simply add ¼ tsp of baking soda to a glass of water, then mix thoroughly. Baking soda works to neutralize acidity in the body and helps to take away chronic inflammations. 

    It’s been a home remedy for arthritis for many years, but it’s suggested that you should only use baking soda to relieve chronic inflammation in the short term as it can lead to long-term complications if overused.

    3. Ginger shots 

    Ginger is another classic herbal remedy, and it’s a natural ingredient that’s proven to take away chronic inflammation and reduce pain and swelling. Ginger shots are a great way to incorporate an extremely concentrated anti inflammatory juice into your diet, and they are a great way to start the day too. 

    Mix together fresh ginger root with lemon juice and coconut water for a combination of sweetness and bitterness (try honey for an even sweeter shot). Freshly grated ginger root is the best option, if possible. You can add a dash of spicy cayenne pepper powder to the shot, too, for a fiery kick. Blend everything together for the smoothest ginger shots.

    Gingerol is the main active ingredient in the ginger, and this works as a great antioxidant, as well as an effective anti inflammatory. 

    4. Ginger juice 

    If shots aren’t your cup of tea, then why not try blending together a vitamin-packed ginger juice to get you started in the morning? 

    The simplest recipe is literally just ginger and water, but the most effective way to extract the ginger and all its goodness is to use a juicer. Juicing to reduce inflammation is a great way to keep in the flavor and the nutrients!

    If ginger and water are a little bland, then add a few extra fruits to the juicer too. Lemons and oranges are wonderful for added vitamin C, but anything goes, really!

    5. Cherry juice 

    Cherry juice is perfect for any anti-inflammatory diet. Cherries are packed full of antioxidants, and for chronic inflammations this high dose of antioxidants is proven to reduce swelling and pain. 

    You can find cherry juice for sale in the store, but if you have a juicer, you can also prepare your own at home. Simply pick up a bag of cherries from the fruit aisle or your local market, take out the stems, and get juicing!

    We also recommend trying out a cherry smoothie. Instead of just juicing, use the blender to mix fresh cherries with yogurt and ice. Add some chopped bananas for a delicious cherry-banana combo. 

    6. Lemon juice 

    Lemon juice is a simple yet highly effective way to fight inflammation. Freshly-squeezed lemon juice contains the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients, including the fabled vitamin C. 

    For some, though, freshly-squeezed lemons are too bitter. You can prepare diluted lemon juice by mixing with added water or add some sugar, and you have yourself a basic lemonade. 

    In winter, we suggest heating a soothing honey and lemon tea on the stovetop. Add a slice of lemon and squeeze in some honey (or maple syrup) for a delicious, flu-beating remedy that’s sweet and comforting. 

    7. Parsley and ginger juice 

    Ginger features heavily when it comes to preparing anti inflammatory fruit juices, but did you know that it goes particularly well with parsley? 

    The active ingredient in parsley, carnosol, works to combat inflammations and helps to reduce pain and swelling. Add this to the gingerol in the ginger, and you’ve got yourself a pain-smashing duo that can remedy anything. 

    Ginger and parsley work well with a combination of green fruits and vegetables. Set up the juicer or blender, then mix together grated ginger root, parsley, chopped apples, spinach, and cucumber. It’s hearty, wholesome, refreshing, and revitalizing!

    This is one recipe that you can prepare for your own tastes, though, so don’t be afraid to try out different fruits and vegetables. Celery is always a winner, but you could also go for some fresh kale or a squeeze of lemon juice. 

    8. Elderberry tea 

    Elderberry tea certainly sounds like a herbal remedy of old, and that’s because it is. But the healing properties of elderberries are well-documented, so much so that the vast majority of cold and flu medicines contain active ingredients that are derived from the elderberry.

    It’s a powerful little fruit, and you can prepare a simple tea by heating up 2 Tbsp of dried elderberries with a stick of cinnamon and water. Add some maple syrup or honey to give this delicious herbal tea a sweet finish, too. 

    Anti inflammatory drinks: what’s your favorite? 

    There are so many juice combos that work effectively as natural anti inflammatory drinks, that you shouldn’t have to worry about being in chronic pain ever again.

    The question is, though, are you a fan of the classic turmeric tea, or are you going to try out a homemade anti inflammatory juice with all the added nutrients?

    Get the blender or juicer ready, and start mixing up anti inflammatory juice drinks with our helpful guide!

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