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    Can You Froth Almond Milk: Top Your Cappuccino With Dairy-Free Froth

    With increasing numbers of people switching to an entirely plant-based diet, it’s no surprise that coffee-loving vegans are searching for the perfect dairy alternatives. One of the most popular milk substitutes for vegans is almond milk, but can you froth almond milk?

    No latte or cappuccino is ever complete without the perfect layer of foam, so if you’re dairy-free, then you’ll be happy to know that yes, you can make a frothy coffee with almond milk. In fact, frothing almond milk for a latte at home or heating almond milk cappuccino style is a skill you can quickly learn!

    In this article, we asked our expert baristas, ‘Can you froth almond milk?’, here’s what they had to say about it.

    What is almond milk?

    Almond milk in coffee is becoming an increasingly popular substitute for traditional dairy milk, but what exactly is almond milk?

    Almond milk is vegan friendly and produced from a simple mixture of almonds and water. Manufacturers leave almonds to soak in water before being ground up and strained. The resulting liquid is almond milk (which, in most cases, is up to 98% water). 

    Almond milk is healthy and cost-efficient, but more importantly, for vegans, no animals are harmed in its making. Almond milk has similar properties to standard milk, so steamed almond milk or boiling almond milk is entirely possible. For this reason, it’s become an excellent ingredient for plant-based milky coffees. 

    Will almond milk froth?

    While warm almond milk might be just fine for an instant coffee, if you’re a real coffee connoisseur, you want to be able to make a frothy almond milk cappuccino or a thick and creamy latte with almond milk. 

    So does almond milk froth? The good news is, yes, it does! Traditional dairy products are high in both fat and protein, which is why milk can froth so effortlessly. Almond milk is low in fat and protein, but this doesn’t mean you can’t froth it.

    Frothing milk is as easy as heating it up, but we have to get a little more creative with almond milk. It’s all about using fresh almond milk and heating up almond milk to the correct temperatures.

    How to froth almond milk? 

    But can you heat almond milk to the same temperature as standard milk? Sort of. The best temperature for frothing almond milk is 150°F, while regular milk is typically heated to 140°F before being frothed. 

    Importantly, you should never froth your almond milk at temperatures higher than this. Doing so can cause the milk to break down, leaving you with a not-so-frothy and certainly not creamy almond milk topping. What a disappointing cappuccino!

    The ultimate perfectionists will have a thermometer handy, but you don’t necessarily need this; just make sure your almond milk doesn’t boil. 

    There are several ways to froth almond milk at home:

    • In the microwave
    • Using a saucepan and a frother
    • With an espresso machine 

    It's super easy to froth your almond milk at home using your own espresso machine. Simply pour your milk into the milk jug, and use the attached steaming wand to heat the almond milk. Move the milk around the wand, stirring from the bottom up to ensure it gradually heats through. 

    However, not too many of us have our own dedicated espresso machines in the kitchen. Luckily, you can recreate the steaming wand's same effects using a hand frother and a saucepan. Pour your almond milk into a small saucepan and leave it on the stovetop to heat gradually. Keep the heat low to prevent overheating, and use the hand frother on the surface to kick up the froth until you have delicious, foaming almond milk!

    You can also microwave almond milk if you’re in a rush. Pour your almond milk into a glass jar that has a secure lid, then give it a hard shake. Keep shaking, and you’ll see that it already starts to become foamy and bubbly before you’ve even heated it up. Next, place the jar into the microwave and heat it for just 30 seconds, enough to warm but not overheat it. The foam gets left behind, and you can then pour your perfect cappuccino or latte with a thick almond milk topping that seriously looks the part.

    Can you froth other plant-based milk?

    Almond milk isn’t the only plant-based milk alternative that you will find in your local store. In fact, there are plenty of different substitutes, and coffee lovers are in perpetual debate over the merits of oat vs. almond milk or soy milk vs. cashew milk!

    Everyone has their taste preferences, as each of these kinds of milk does have its own unique flavor. However, in terms of frothing, soy milk is always great plant-based milk to use if you’re low on hot almond milk. You can froth soy milk the same way you’d froth almond milk, and the same goes for oat milk too.

    Our final say on frothing almond milk at home

    So, can you froth almond milk? Yes, and you can froth it well with or without an almond milk frother. Using almond milk instead of milk from animals is a great way to froth up the perfect milk for your coffee while sticking to an entirely plant-based diet!

    Look no further with our 3 different options of frothing almond milk!

    Why not bookmark our guide to frothing almond milk for your next vegan latte or cappuccino?

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