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    Vegan Whipped Cream: The Perfect Plant-Based Dessert Topping!

    Though you’ve likely heard of non-dairy whipped cream before, most recipes contain coconut milk or aquafaba. Try this simple recipe for homemade vegan whipped cream without coconut - this tofu-based treat just might be your new plant-based favorite!

    When you first become vegan, there are some things you just assume you’ll have to give up in your diet, like dairy-laden whipped chantilly cream and other recipes using whipping cream. 

    Luckily for the plant-based folks, it turns out there are several ways to recreate easy whipped cream without the dairy, using various plant-based ingredients. 

    While the coconut milk and aquafaba (chickpea liquid) versions are pretty delicious, some people can’t enjoy these versions due to allergies or dietary restrictions. Enter our new favorite non-dairy whipping cream made with a block of firm or extra-firm tofu, maple syrup, and a few other plant-based ingredients. 

    This tofu-based, dairy-free whipped cream tastes rich, creamy, and just sweet enough to satisfy those cravings. Better yet, it contains far more vegan protein than other dairy-free whipped cream, with a whopping 13g per serving. In our books, that’s more of a health food than dessert!

    Whip up this quick recipe for tofu whipped cream in your blender or food processor and enjoy it with fresh fruit or atop a slice of your favorite vegan chocolate cake!

    Vegan Whipped Topping - Nutrition Information

    Per serving

    Calories: 230 kcal; Carbohydrates: 32g; Fat: 7g; Fiber: 1g; Protein: 13g; Saturated Fat: 1g; Sodium: 126mg; Sugar: 25g.

    Vegan Whipped Cream - FAQ

    Creating whipped cream recipe masterpieces with tofu can sometimes be challenging. We’re here to answer some of our most frequently asked questions!

    What is vegan whipped cream?

    Vegan whipped cream is a plant-based take on a dairy-based sweet. 

    Classic whipped cream, also called chantilly cream, contains heavy cream with a minimum of 30% butterfat. By beating high-fat cream with a whisk or electric mixer, fat molecules trap air, creating a fluffy, whipped topping. We often add sugar and vanilla to sweeten the cream and serve it as dessert.

    Most of us have tried whipped chantilly cream at least once in our life, and 99.9% obsess over its deliciousness, but with vegan diets becoming a more popular choice, our society built the need to recreate these tasty desserts in a plant-based form.

    Vegan non-dairy whipped topping contains plant-based ingredients in place of the whipping cream, including coconut milk or cream, aquafaba, or tofu. 

    Can I use other types of tofu?

    Though our vegan whipped cream recipe calls for firm or extra firm tofu, we’ve heard of other recipes for making silken tofu whipped cream. We don’t suggest substituting silken into this particular recipe, as it has a much higher water content than firm or extra-firm and may make your whipped cream too thin. 

    While you don’t need to press your tofu for this recipe, you can make this whipped topping even richer by pressing it first. Place your tofu block in a tofu press, like this press, for 15 minutes, or press it in a paper towel between two heavy plates for 2-3 hours. 

    A pressing will remove much of the tofu block’s water, so you can then add extra soy milk or a few drizzles of soy cream to thicken and enrich the whipped cream. 

    Can you make vegan whipped cream ahead of time?

    One thing we love about this whipped cream is its convenience - unlike classic whipped cream, this vegan whip will keep well in the fridge for up to a week ahead of time. 

    Can you freeze whipped cream?

    Better yet, you can make this whipped cream way, way ahead of time, and keep the cream in your freezer in a sealed freezer-safe container. Remove it from the freezer, place it in the fridge to thaw approximately 24 hours before serving, and give it a good stir at serving time!

    How can I use this vegan whipped topping?

    Much like regular whipped cream, plant-based whipped cream tastes pretty epic on almost every sweet dessert. 

    A few of our very favorite ways to enjoy some sweet, tofu-based whipped cream:

    • Top slices of vegan pie, fruit crisp, cobbler, or vegan cake.
    • Sandwich between two gooey vegan cookies. 
    • Drop a healthy dollop on fresh berries or sliced fruit. 
    • Top a mug of warm vegan cocoa, along with some dark chocolate shavings.
    • Spoon into a sweet smoothie or iced coffee.
    • Top vegan French toast or pancakes for a decadent breakfast. 
    • Fill and frost a cake with some vegan whipped cream frosting. 

    Can I make this vegan whipped cream sugar-free?


    While we love the rich, slightly woody flavor of pure maple syrup, you can use stevia to sweeten this recipe without the need for sugar. 

    Add 4 packets of your stevia of choice, like Truvia or Purevia, in place of the maple syrup in your recipe. Or, wait until the end and blend in 1 packet at a time until you achieve your desired sweetness. 

    If you still want to use a sugar-based sweetener, you can easily lighten up the sweetness. Simply add 1 Tbsp of maple syrup to start, then blend, taste, and add more as needed. 

    You can also use powdered sugar, coconut sugar, or white sugar for this recipe instead. 

    Final notes & soy whipping cream substitutions

    Recently, we’ve begun to see a soy cream product on the grocery store shelves by Silk which you can use to create whipping cream if you don’t have any tofu on hand. 

    Simply add 1 c. of the soy cream to the recipe in place of the tofu, and use an electric hand mixer instead of a blender or food processor. Mix the ingredients for 1-2 mins or until soft peaks form, and your non-dairy whipped topping is all set to go!

    Enjoy making this ridiculously easy, vegan crowd-pleaser for your friends and family alike!


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