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    Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe: Deliciously Frothy

    Our vegan hot chocolate recipe is a winter warmer that’s packed full of chocolatey goodness but prepared using non-dairy milk and as few sugars as possible!

    That’s right, this is the healthiest dairy-free hot chocolate you could prepare, using unsweetened ingredients and just a dash of maple syrup. Our dairy-free hot chocolate recipe is made using a delicious combination of almond and coconut milk, heated through slowly for a rich, creamy, and frothy finish. 

    Keep reading, and discover the delights of our vegan coconut and almond milk hot chocolate!

    What ingredients are needed for vegan hot chocolate? 

    If you’ve never made vegan homemade hot chocolate before, then you might be wondering what ingredients are needed. After all, isn’t milk the main ingredient in traditional hot chocolate? 

    You’re not wrong, but we’ve carefully selected a range of non-dairy products that give us not only vegan-friendly cocoa but a mostly sugar-free hot chocolate. Here are the best ingredients to put into your dairy-free, healthy hot chocolate recipe. 

    Dairy-free milk

    There are lots of dairy-free kinds of milk you can choose from, and we’ve found that the best option is not one type of plant-based milk but a combination of milk. We suggest making vegan hot chocolate with almond milk and coconut milk. 

    Coconut milk hot chocolate is naturally sweet, while hot cocoa with almond milk adds a rich, almost creamy element to the drink. And can you froth almond milk? Yes, that’s why it’s such a great dairy-free option!

    Cocoa and chocolate 

    You can use your favorite brand of cocoa powder for your hot chocolate with no milk, but for the healthiest option, we suggest that you opt for unsweetened cocoa.  

    Another option is to prepare your hot chocolate using a vegan chocolate bar (chocolate without the milk). Instead of mixing cocoa powder into the milk, melt a chocolate bar in a saucepan to use as a base for your vegan hot chocolate. 

    Maple syrup 

    Instead of adding granulated sugar to the recipe or using sweetened plant-based milk or cocoa powder, keep your vegan hot chocolate healthy by adding maple syrup.

    Maple syrup is not only delicious (and vegan), but it’s naturally sweet and so becomes the perfect addition if you have a sweet tooth. Of course, if you don’t have maple syrup, you can add normal sugar or leave out the added sweetness altogether for an even healthier hot chocolate. 

    Vanilla extract and salt

    This isn’t just any old hot chocolate, and we suggest going all out and livening up the taste by adding in both vanilla extract and salt. 

    The vanilla complements the chocolate perfectly, while the salt is there to add a touch of savory goodness and balance out the sweetness of the maple syrup. 

    Vegan hot chocolate toppings

    If you’re counting the calories and trying to keep your vegan hot chocolate as healthy as possible, then with some frothy plant-based milk, you don’t need any extra toppings.

    However, if you’re not so concerned about the healthy side of your hot chocolate, we have more than a few suggestions to finish off your cocoa! Here are our favorite vegan toppings: 

    • Dairy-free whipped cream 
    • Dairy-free ice cream (for the ultimate creamy hot chocolate)
    • Vegan marshmallows
    • Vegan chocolate sprinkles 
    • Vegan chocolate chips

    Feel free to go all out and add a combination of toppings for the best vegan hot chocolate. Our personal favorite is a liberal serving of vegan whipped cream, topped with both marshmallows and chocolate chips!

      Will you be making vegan hot chocolate at home? 

      With coconut and almond milk, it’s easy to mix up a surprisingly rich, creamy, and frothy hot chocolate that’s entirely plant-based. Our vegan hot chocolate is wonderfully healthy, too (as long as you don’t go overboard on whipped cream and other toppings!), making this a decadently delicious drink that you don’t need to feel guilty about drinking.

      Why not bookmark our vegan hot chocolate recipe, and prepare your own dairy-free cocoa at home? 


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