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    Tofu Pizza: Spicy BBQ Classic on Spelt Crust

    Who doesn't love pizza? Crispy crust, gooey cheese, and tasty toppings - absolutely delicious, but not at all vegan-friendly. 

    If you eat a vegan diet, you don't have to give up on pizza forever. By getting creative and switching out a few animal-based ingredients, we've made this vegan and vegetarian pizza recipe with smoky barbecue sauce, crispy sriracha tofu, and loads of sliced onion and sweet peppers. 

    Spelt is the base for this tofu pizza crust, which doesn't rise like traditional dough. The result is a thin, crispy crust that is delicious but still lets the main stars of the show shine - the sriracha tofu and BBQ sauce. 

    To keep this recipe vegan, use non-dairy cheese to top the pizza. We used vegan pepper jack for an extra spicy bite. 

    This pizza requires a little bit of prep between the barbecue sauce, sriracha, tofu, and pizza crust. The whole recipe takes 30 minutes to prep plus baking time, but the payoff is well worth the work!

      Nutrition Information

      Calories 394; Fat 11g; Sodium 439mg; Carbohydrates 55g; Sugar 9g; Protein 15g

      Spicy BBQ tofu pizza - FAQ

      Does tofu melt like cheese?

      Tofu does not melt like cheese; it retains its shape when heated. That's what makes it a great option to replace a meat protein in your pizza toppings - vegetarian dishes can sometimes feel too light, but the bbq tofu adds a protein kick that will be sure to satiate you. The tofu can crisp up like pepperoni and retains a meaty texture like chicken. 

      How do you add flavor to tofu?

      Tofu has a very light, mild flavor compared to most meat products. Marinating your tofu is the trick to adding flavor and keeping the tofu from tasting too bland. 

      For this recipe, the tofu marinates in the sriracha bbq sauce for 15-20 minutes. You can leave your tofu marinating a little longer if you'd like, but it's not necessary. 

      Do I need to cook the tofu first?

      You do not need to cook the tofu before putting it on the pizza. It will get sufficiently cooked while the pizza cooks. If you want your tofu extra crispy, you can always bake or pan-fry it before putting it on the pizza. 

      What is firm tofu? Can I use other tofu for the pizza?

      Firm tofu is the texture of feta cheese; it can crumble with a little pressure but is mostly solid. It's the most versatile firmness and is used in most tofu pizza recipes because it doesn't fall apart in the oven. 

      You can also use extra-firm for this tofu pizza but stay away from silken and soft, which can make your pizza a huge soggy mess.

      Do I need to press my tofu?

      Yes, pressing your tofu is the key to getting the right texture. If you skip the pressing step, your tofu will release water while it bakes, which ruins the pizza. Unpressed tofu won't absorb the marinade properly, either.

      Use a tofu press and press the tofu for 15 minutes before marinating. If you don't own a press, use two heavy plates and leave the tofu pressing for longer - approximately 2-3 hours.

      Can I substitute something else for tofu?

      If you don't like tofu on pizza or don't have any on hand, there are a few other vegan options that would be equally delicious. 

      Toss well-drained, blanched cauliflower or chickpeas in the bbq sauce and top your pizza with them for a tofu-free alternative.

      Final notes

      Don't be afraid to cook with tofu - it's a straightforward, protein-packed ingredient to work with once you know the basics. If you don't like BBQ pizza, make a more traditional marinade for the tofu and use marinara sauce instead of barbecue for the base. 

      We hope you enjoy experimenting to find your perfect vegan pizza!


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