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    Tofu Spaghetti: The Ultimate Pasta Recipe Without Meat

    Crumbled and spiced tofu meets vegan basil and tomato sauce in our take on this all-time favorite comfort food - a big ol' pile of spaghetti topped with rich bolognese. 

    Pasta. It's so delicious that we think it deserves its own food group. It ranks as the most popular dish worldwide, leading meat, rice, and even pizza!

    A bowl of pasta topped with tomato sauce is the perfect way to fill bellies after a long, chilly day. And since we love both tofu and spaghetti, we decided to combine them and created this hearty, tasty, vegan spaghetti bolognese. 

    By putting firm, crumbled tofu in pasta, we've upped the mineral and protein levels, so you'll be full for hours after this healthy meal. 

    Keep reading to learn how to make our tofu tomato recipe from scratch in about an hour.

    Tofu Spaghetti Recipe FAQ

    Gluten-free options

    Make this homemade vegan spaghetti sauce gluten-free by replacing the spaghetti with rice pasta or another gluten-free version. 

    This bolognese would be delicious atop a bowl of white rice or roasted veggies. 

    What kind of tofu can I use?

    The only tofu that will work in tofu spaghetti sauce recipes is firm or extra firm. Both of these varieties are solid enough to get a very similar texture to a typical bolognese sauce. 

    Soft or silken tofu has far too much water to blend well into this pasta. More delicate versions will make the dish a soggy mess. 

    For the best results, press your firm or extra-firm tofu in a press for 20 minutes to drain the excess liquid. 

    How can I store my leftover tofu spaghetti?

    This bolognese sauce has an even better texture after it sits and thickens, so keep your leftovers in the fridge for up to 5 days, reheat and enjoy again!

    You can keep your leftover sauce frozen in a sealed container for 2-3 months.

    Our Final Thoughts on This Tofu Pasta Recipe

    This vegan pasta is sure to quickly become a family favorite. It's a great dish for meal prep, as it keeps and reheats well all week. 

    This spaghetti bolognese is already very healthy, but you can pack an even bigger nutritional punch into this dish by adding sweet peppers, grated carrots, or earthy cremini mushrooms. 

    If you like spicy spaghetti, sprinkle in some dried chili flakes while your sauce simmers and really bring the heat!

    We are sure you’re going to love this recipe! Why not bookmark this recipe for later?


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