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    Tagine Pot

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    From the Oven to the Table

    Yes, you are seeing a Moroccan Tagine Pot on a tofu website! Wondering why? TofuBud and Uno Casa teamed up to give you the best in healthy living, and home cooking is crucial to that! With the Uno Casa Tagine Pot, you can cook delicious, healthy meals and serve them in style! The tagine is also attractive enough to use as a stunning centerpiece on the table when you have guests over for a tasty tofu tagine party. It also keeps the food warm, so your food will be ready to serve as soon as your guests arrive!


    Traditional Design

    This Tagine was designed with traditional Moroccan cookware in mind. True to tradition, the conical lid recirculates moisture inside the pot. This prevents food from drying out, even with minimal liquid or oil.


    Low-Maintenance, Healthy Cooking

    The satin black enamel interior requires minimal seasoning, as it will absorb oils used in cooking, creating a naturally non-stick surface over time. It means you'll use less oil, which is better for your health and makes cleaning and maintenance super easy. There is no need to season it as you do with normal cast iron cookware regularly!


    Cook Anywhere and on Anything

    You can use a tagine on gas, electric, and ceramic stovetops, inside the oven, and even on fire! It's constructed from high-quality materials and can withstand temperatures of up to 500°F. Make your next camping trip an exotic one with this tagine!


    Durable, Robust, and Gorgeous

    The enameled surface is durable, chip, and scratch-resistant and will not oxidize or rust. With minimal maintenance, your tagine pot will look fantastic for years to come! No need to increase your carbon footprint by regularly replacing your pot!

    How the product works:


      This tagine is perfect for cooking all kinds of exotic meals and traditional meals. From a tofu tagine to a veggie stew your Grandma would be proud of, this tagine pot makes it easy to create healthy and delicious meals that suit every taste. 

    • Here are the basics to create a meal in a tagine:

      • Brown your onions with a tiny splash of healthy oil
      • Add your marinated tofu cubes, if you're using them, and brown.
      • Layer your vegetables and an aromatic spice mixture on the onion and tofu base (or just onions!)
      • Place on the heat or inside the oven, and wait for the aroma to emerge!
      • Remember, the conical-shaped lid will recirculate moisture, so only a splash of water is needed!
      • To clean your tagine, simply wash with warm soapy water and towel dry.
      • No seasoning is required; the enameled surface keeps your pot naturally non-stick and easy to maintain.

      Now you know how to use a tagine cooking pot! Rich and spicy North African stews are probably the best-known dishes to make in tagines, and it's easy to adapt recipes to be healthier or plant-based. 

      But, remember you're not limited to that! You can use this cookware for so much more. It is perfect for beans and legumes that require slow cooking and grains like rice, couscous, or bulgur wheat.

    • It's quick and easy to clean your tagine:

      Once you've finished using your tagine for cooking up a delicious meal, your next step is to clean it. It is crucial to make sure your pot has cooled down before you clean it. Then, wash it by hand using warm water and a bit of soap. If any stubborn food remains, let the base of the tagine pot set in some warm soapy water, and it should come right off. 

      Dry your pot thoroughly and store it with the lid slightly open - this will allow the air to circulate through the pot.

    What's included
    what's New

    What's Included:


      With the Uno Casa tagine, you'll be happy to know that you get a few special extras, making your tofu tagine night even better! The set includes:

    • 1 Moroccan tagine with a 3.65 qt capacity

      This is the perfect tagine for cooking healthy family meals regularly. It is durable and scratch-resistant, so your pot lasts for years, if not decades, to come!

      Material: Enameled cast iron base and ceramic lid

      Capacity: 3.65 qt

      Dimensions: 11.6 x 8.25 in

      Item weight: 11.5 lbs

    • 1 Ceramic lid

      The lid is conical, allowing steam to circulate and recondense during the cooking process, keeping your tofu and your veggies juicy and filled with flavor!

    • Double oven mitts

      With the mitts, you can carry the cast iron tagine right to the table to serve your guests, and it makes an attractive centerpiece. Watch them go, "Wow!" when you bring out the gorgeous tagine!

    • 1 Recipe e-book

      With this handy recipe book and your Uno Casa Tagine Pot, you'll never lack the inspiration to make healthy and delicious meals. Our recipe book gives you an excellent selection of healthy vegan and vegetarian recipes for tagine pot cooking. Yummy!

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    Is cooking in a tagine healthy?

    Yes, it can be super healthy! However, it would depend on the ingredients you use. If you use healthy recipes for tagines like tofu and vegetables, you've got it! The tagine will lock in the nutrients and moisture. However, tagines are also used for more indulgent meals that contain fatty foods and oils, so avoid those!

    What is a tagine pot?

    When you think of a tagine, an image of exotic Moroccan pots cooking all kinds of delicious and fragrant dishes may come to mind. And you would not be wrong! Simply put, it is a type of slow-cooking pot with a conical lid, perfect for cooking all kinds of meals, exotic or not! Because it locks in moisture and nutrients, a tagine makes healthy cooking easy!

    What can you cook in a tagine?

    The first obvious thing you may want to cook in a tagine pot is a Moroccan tagine using tofu instead of meat or just veggies! But, there's no reason not to experiment with all kinds of slow-cooked dishes like stews and casseroles. You can even use this pot for baking a hearty, healthy loaf of bread!

    What is so special about Moroccan tagine cookware?

    The broad base of a tagine evenly distributes heat, and the conical lid allows moisture to circulate in a rainfall effect, which prevents your meal from drying out. Those new to cooking will be happy to know that it's almost impossible to burn anything in a tagine!

    Do tagines go in the oven or on the stovetop?

    Traditional Moroccans used tagines over hot coals or in fire pits, so this type of pot can withstand temperatures as high as 500°F. These days you can still use large tagine pots in the fire, but they can also be used with electric, gas, or ceramic stovetops and in the oven.

    What type of person should get a tagine?

    Anybody who loves cooking delicious, healthy food should consider getting a tagine. Some people enjoy the idea of spicy Moroccan meals, and others want to go easy on the heat. 

    Whatever you enjoy, a tagine will give you plenty of options for tasty meals. Because you can also use it in the oven, you have even more options!

    Does a tagine have a hole in the top?

    Traditionally, no. The idea behind the shape of the tagine's conical lid is to retain moisture, which is excellent for slow-cooking food in extra-large cooking pots; your food won't dry out no matter how long it cooks for! Bring on those flavor-infused slow-cooked casseroles!

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