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    Tofu Cake: A Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

    Tofu cake? As in, a cake made from tofu?

    Yes! Hungry vegan cake lovers, you are reading that correctly. It is possible to prepare delicious chocolate cakes using silken tofu instead of any dairy products. Trust us, this one's decadently smooth, and we've been perfecting the recipe for weeks!

    Prepare your tofu press and get ready for a spot of vegan baking. Here's our healthy tofu chocolate cake recipe!

      Tofu cake recipe FAQ

      How healthy is tofu chocolate cake?

      Tofu desserts recipes are surprisingly healthy in comparison to traditional, dairy-based products. Not only does this cake have all the goodness that comes from homemade baking, but the tofu base ensures that this chocolate cake is low in calories but high in protein.

      Each serving contains a high quantity of protein, which is perfect for vegans who might be trying to supplement their protein intake. To make the recipe healthier, you can switch the maple syrup for agave syrup or leave it out entirely (it won't be sweet, but it'll still be tasty).

      Of course, there are still calories, carbs, and fat to consider when you're baking with tofu, so try to limit your serving to one slice at a time if you want to keep a healthy, balanced diet!

      How can I tell if the cake is cooked through?

      Your cake shouldn't need any more than 30 minutes to cook through to the centre, but there's an easy way to check if it's ready or not.

      Take a toothpick and place it in the centre of the cake. Pull the toothpick out, and if it's clean, then the cake is ready to eat. If the batter sticks to the toothpick, then it needs more time to cook.

      What tofu do I need to use?

      There will be several varieties of tofu that you can find in your local store, but without a shadow of a doubt, the best tofu for baking is silken tofu.

      It's is the softest tofu on the market, and when it's blended, it has a smooth and creamy texture that's similar to dairy-products. Baking silken tofu, instead of the normal variety, will allow it to take on the flavours of the surrounding ingredients, making it perfect for chocolate cakes!

      That's our tofu recipe complete!

      Celebrate your next birthday with a tofu birthday cake, bring out the healthy chocolate cake when you're craving a sweet dessert without the calories, or prepare our decadent dessert when you just want some chocolatey goodness after a long day at work!

      Desserts made with tofu really are a winner, so why not save our vegan recipe for next week?



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