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    Vegan Peanut Butter Pie Recipe

    A creamy vegan peanut butter pie recipe? But how can it be creamy if it's vegan? Trust us; you don't need dairy to make a silky smooth, delicious peanut butter pie. Not when you've got a tofu-based peanut butter cup pie recipe!

    That's right, the secret to a creamy peanut butter pie without cream cheese is silken tofu. Blend this versatile ingredient into a super-smooth pie-like filling before being mixed with peanut butter and coconut milk for a delicious non-dairy pie.

    Our vegan peanut butter pie recipe uses Graham Crackers for a vegan pie crust before being finished with a dairy-free ganache topping! It's delectable and deviously low in calories, despite its creamy centre and chocolate finish.

    What are you waiting for? Don't be nervous to try new foods! Get your tofu press ready and prepare your crust! Here's how to make peanut butter pie vegan-style!

    Vegan peanut butter pie FAQs

    Don't get upset if your first attempt at tofu peanut butter pie doesn't turn out exactly the way you like it! Just like any great recipe, preparing the best vegan chocolate peanut butter pie could take a few attempts before you've perfected the recipe.

    We got with a few of our most trusted chefs, and to give you a headstart, here are answers to a number of the most commonly asked queries we receive regarding this vegan dessert.

    Keep reading for more advice and tips for this recipe.

    Is vegan peanut butter cup pie healthy?

    Vegan peanut butter cup pie is homemade and surprisingly healthy, at least when consumed in moderation. And when we say healthy, we do mean in comparison to similar non-vegan, dairy-based desserts. This is a treat, remember, so there are always going to be a few unnecessary calories and grams of fat involved!

    To get the best idea of what you are consuming, let's take a look at the numbers and facts.

    Here is a breakdown of the peanut butter pie calories and nutritional information per slice:

    • 421 calories
    • 38 grams of carbohydrates
    • 7 grams of protein
    • 27 grams of fats
    • 13 grams of saturated fats
    • 3.4 grams of fibre
    • 25 grams of sugars
    • 0 mg of cholesterol
    • 206 mg of sodium

    As you can see, one slice of vegan peanut butter pie has a pretty significant number of calories and carbohydrates, alongside plenty of fats and sugars. Because the base of the dessert is tofu, however, we also have a large quantity of protein present in each pie slice. We know that a lot of the calories are not necessarily 'bad' calories in this respect.

    We don't recommend eating this every day, but just like almost anything we consume, moderation is key!

    Why is silken tofu in the recipe?

    Silken tofu is the best way to achieve that 'dessert' like consistency without using dairy-products. While coconut milk or coconut cream is essential for that creamy finish, the silken tofu allows the dessert to remain solid, yet soft all the way through.

    Silken tofu is the most delicate variety of tofu on the market and is used in desserts all across the world (particularly in Asia.) When blended, the silken tofu takes on a soft texture that's remarkably like a pie filling. There are a few other varieties of tofu. If you like your pie a little more dense, try using tofu that is higher on the delicate scale. Check with your local grocery store to see what options are available to you there.

    Tofu also absorbs the tastes and flavours of the ingredients around it. It readily combines with the agave nectar in the recipe, giving the entire pie filling a sweet taste. It will also absorb the chocolatey ganache favours, as well as the vegan-butter flavours of the cracker base.

    Do I need to use a tofu press?

    Too much liquid and your vegan peanut butter pie is going to taste far too watery.

    To get the desired consistency and the silken tofu to take on the surrounding flavours, you do need to press your tofu block before blending it. Using a tofu press will allow you to squeeze out that excess liquid and moisture from the tofu block. This stops the tofu from becoming a watery, bland mess when you mix it with other ingredients.

    However, if you don't have a tofu press, use your own strength to press out the liquid. In this case, the better option is a heavy object such as the chopping board like we suggested in the instructions above. Firmly press down with all of your weight behind the heavy object, and repeat this process several times to drain the liquid from the block of tofu.

    Can I store leftovers?

    We don't believe you'll have any pie left after the family gets ahold of it, but if you do, remember that anything made with tofu will always store better in the fridge.

    Tofu tends to break down in the thawing out process, so we recommend against freezing it unless absolutely necessary. If you do freeze your pie, when you are ready to thaw it out, do so slowly by setting it in the fridge for 12-24 hours before you want to eat it.

    However, you can easily put your pie in a sealed container in the fridge. The pie will safely last up to 7 days stored this way.

    Start making your own vegan peanut butter pie!

    That's it for our decadent and healthy peanut butter pie recipe! It's all non-dairy, yet outrageously delicious. With a delectably smooth mix of silken soft tofu, creamy peanut butter, and plenty of coconut milk, this is one vegan dessert you'll be craving more of in the future.

    Don't let the name scare you away. This recipe may be vegan, but when served alongside a 'regular' peanut butter pie, it would be hard to spot the difference! Expand from your comfort zone, and create a new experience.

    We're confident that vegan chocolate peanut butter pie is the dessert that you've been missing your entire life, so why not start preparing it at home, in your own kitchen? You can bookmark our vegan chocolate peanut butter pie recipe for the next time you're craving a non-dairy dessert!


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