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    Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Dairy-Free and Silky Smooth

    Vegan chocolate mousse? Is it possible to make a dairy-free chocolate mousse?

    Yes! With a little help from our favourite silken, soft tofu, our chefs perfected a recipe for vegan chocolate mousse. And we're convinced that it's here to stay.

    We're also quite sure that it won't take much for you to fall in love with this chocolatey, dairy-free delight. You need cocoa powder, silken tofu, agave syrup, vanilla extract, and some peanut butter. Mix everything together and let it set. It's that simple.

    Vegan chocolate mousse preparation tips and FAQs

    That's all it takes for a delicious silken tofu chocolate mousse. Who needs dairy when you can have a simple dairy-free mousse?

    This recipe is effortless, but we decided to put together a quick FAQ to answer the most common queries we receive regarding our vegan chocolate mousse recipe. Keep reading to perfect your vegan chocolate mousse!

    Can you really use tofu in desserts?

    Okay, so if you've never experienced the delights of a tofu dessert before, you might be wondering if it's even possible. Have we just made this recipe up, or is a tofu dessert recipe actually worth your time?

    We wouldn't lie to you, and we can vouch for the authenticity of this dessert. In fact, tofu has been used in desserts all over Asia for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. There's a long history behind tofu desserts, but it's only in recent years that tofu really has become popular in the west, and tofu desserts are still to catch on.

    We don't doubt they will get there, because silken tofu is the perfect substitute for dairy products when you're craving desserts. Silken tofu has a wonderfully creamy texture, especially when you can blend it into a smooth mixture using a food processor. Allow it to set, and you have the same consistency as any dairy-based chocolate mousse.

    What are the benefits of tofu?

    Aside from being dairy-free (and hence, vegan-friendly), there are many other reasons to start preparing tofu-based recipes. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that you don't need to be vegan to enjoy the delights of tofu desserts.

    Tofu not only makes for a fantastic dairy alternative in desserts, but it's actually far lower in calories than other equivalents traditionally used to create a chocolate mousse, including eggs and cream, of course. Tofu is also low in carbs but high in protein. It's packed full of other useful nutrients, too, including fibre and iron.

    Tofu is the perfect ingredient for weight loss, particularly if you're craving those desserts. Ours is a recipe for healthy vegan chocolate mousse; tofu is loaded with benefits, so it's difficult to feel guilty when you're enjoying it for dessert!

    Which type of tofu is best for vegan chocolate mousse?

    For a vegan chocolate mousse, and for any tofu-based dessert, the best option to use in the recipe is silken tofu. This is the softest tofu you can find in the store, and it has the best texture for desserts.

    Silken tofu is soft and almost silky in feel (hence the name, silken.) Once blended, it takes on a silky, smooth texture that's remarkably similar to cream.

    You can try other types of tofu too, however, to create different finished textures for your chocolate mousse. Tofu is measured in terms of firmness. The softest tofu is silken tofu, next comes soft tofu, then firm tofu, and finally, extra-firm tofu.

    The firmer the tofu, the more solid your vegan chocolate mousse will be once it's had time to set in the fridge. If you prefer a solid, rather than creamier finish to your mousse, then you can try using the firm or extra-firm tofu in the recipe instead.

    Do I need to press tofu to prepare vegan chocolate mousse?

    Before you start blending your ingredients in the food processor, you need to make sure that you've adequately pressed your tofu.

    When you purchase tofu in packages, it has high water content. This stops the tofu from drying out and helps to keep it fresh for longer. When it comes to making chocolate mousse, however, the extra liquid is not so welcome. Too much liquid will produce a soupy chocolatey mess that won't set up well.

    The ideal mousse has a soft yet firm texture; it's not liquidy or watery.

    Too much liquid also produces a bland flavour in the chocolate mouse. Tofu works so well in desserts because it can easily take on the flavour of the other ingredients around it. Too much liquid, and it won't be able to take on the chocolate or vanilla flavourings.

    Using a tofu press is the easiest and quickest way to remove the excess liquid. You simply place the tofu block in the press and leave it to squeeze out the moisture. It's quick and efficient.

    However, if you don't have a dedicated tofu press, you can press the tofu by hand. Place paper towels over the tofu block, and using a large object, such as a chopping board, press firmly down into the tofu. This should squeeze out the excess liquid to be absorbed by the paper towels.

    What if I don't have agave syrup?

    Agave syrup is a common alternative for sugar or honey (and of course, not all vegans eat honey.) It's sweet but is often seen as a less refined (and potentially healthier) version of sugar syrup or honey. Agave syrup ranks low on the glycemic index, so it won't cause a spike in blood sugar levels as regular sugar does. This aspect also makes it an ideal option for people with diabetes.

    However, if you are counting calories, we'd advise leaving out the agave syrup altogether as it does add a significant portion of calories to the chocolate mousse.

    If you don't have any agave syrup to hand, you can prepare the vegan chocolate mousse without any sugary additions at all. It won't be sweet, but you'll bring out the natural flavouring of the cocoa powder, and you'll be consuming less fat and fewer calories.

    If you love that sugary sweet taste, however, then you substitute agave syrup for sugar, stevia, or any other natural sweetener.

    How long does it take vegan chocolate mousse to set?

    Vegan chocolate mousse requires a minimum of one hour to set up in the refrigerator properly. This will give you a creamy, soft consistency if you've prepared the mousse using silken tofu as per the recipe outlined above.

    If you prefer your chocolate mousse to have a thicker consistency, then you can leave it to set for longer in the refrigerator before serving as dessert. The longer you leave it, the thicker it's going to be (until a point, that is.)

    If you don't mind your mousse being slightly thicker, then you can leave it in the fridge for up to 5 days if you want to prepare it in advance. A busy week ahead of you won't stand in your way of having a tasty homemade treat!

    The vegan chocolate mousse will not freeze well, but you can as a last resort if you have made too much for one week. Place it in a resealable container, and when it's time to defrost it, allow the mousse to thaw naturally in the refrigerator before serving. Attempting to heat frozen vegan chocolate mousse to soften it, will just create a gloopy mess.

    What toppings can I serve with vegan chocolate mousse?

    Serve a wide variety of toppings with your vegan chocolate mousse. To keep things healthy, you can add a few frozen or fresh berries to the mousse.

    If you're not too worried about the fruit, you can whip up some vegan whipped cream (again using tofu as a base), or spoil yourself with a few spoonfuls of vegan ice cream as well.

    Will you be making healthy chocolate mousse from tofu?

    It's incredible just how versatile tofu is. Who would have thought that a little silken tofu can make delicious dairy-free desserts and vegan chocolate mousses!

    This simple recipe needs just a few ingredients, a tofu press, and a food processor, but it's packed with flavour and has an unmistakably silky smooth texture.

    Well, now you're in on the secret ingredient behind dairy-free desserts. Will you be making vegan chocolate mousse?


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