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    Japanese Egg Tofu

    Egg tofu also called Tamago or Japanese tofu actually does not contain any soy at all whatsoever, as opposed to real tofu. Tamago tofu is made of eggs and dashi and derives its name due to a tofu-like texture and the color of scrambled eggs. Dashi is a mixture of water, kombu seaweed (a type of kelp), and shaved bonito fish flakes. It is a delicious broth on its own but also forms the base of countless Japanese dishes, including ramen. 


      • Steamer
      • Nagashikan (special egg tofu ramekin) or dutch oven, to fit in the steamer
      • Large tea towel
      • Large cheesecloth (or another tea towel)


        Tip: egg tofu can be served in many different ways. One of the most popular recipes is lightly dusting 1 cm thick pieces with cornstarch and frying in vegetable oil for 30 s on each side. This gives a texture similar to that of scallops. Try this topped with minced pork fried with oyster sauce and spring onions. Tamago tofu is also delicious with steamed rice and aubergine fried in tamari sauce.


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