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    Vegan Chocolate Pie With Silky Tofu Filling

    Our vegan chocolate pie recipe is here to save the day, with its chocolatey, smooth, and outrageously authentic finish. This is one vegan pie recipe you've been missing your entire vegan-life because it's unbelievably creamy and fantastically dairy-free.

    The secret ingredient for the best dairy-free chocolate pie is tofu, silken tofu to be precise because that's what gives this recipe the creamy texture you've been craving. It's super-simple to prepare too. All you need is a tofu press, a food processor, pie crust, tofu, and of course, you can't forget the vegan chocolate chips.

    Vegan chocolate pie preparation tips and FAQs

    With just five primary ingredients (and a sprinkling of sea salt), this no-bake chocolate pie takes little effort at all to prepare. The tofu press and the food processor do all the hard work for you!

    But tofu chocolate pie is one of our favourite vegan chocolate desserts, so we decided to put together a quick FAQ to give you the best preparation tips for the best pie!

    Is pie crust vegan-friendly?

    Vegan pie crust is surprisingly easy to get ahold of these days. In fact, those pre-made pie crusts that you see in the store are mostly vegan friendly. The majority of manufacturers have started using oils rather than butter to hold the pie crust together, giving you a vegan-friendly pie crust.

    You'll find a great range in your local supermarket, but of course, make sure you double-check there are no dairy or animal products in the ingredients. If you've purchased a pre-made vegan pie crust, then simply place the pie crust into your pie dish and fill it up with creamy pie filling.

    It's that easy!

    How to make vegan pie crust from scratch?

    Of course, you can prepare a vegan pie crust from scratch too. You just need crackers or biscuits. We suggest using Graham Crackers if you're going to make your own vegan pie crust, as these are always vegan. In fact, they've become somewhat of a staple in vegan dessert recipes because of this!

    How to make your vegan pie crust from scratch:

    1. Crumble all of your Graham Crackers into a food processor.
    2. Add a little bit of sugar if you like your desserts to be sweet.
    3. Add a binding agent. You can use oil, or you can use vegan margarine.*
    4. Mix everything in the food processor then pour the cracker crumbs into the pie dish.
    5. Then firmly compress the crumbs, so they form a solid base for your vegan chocolate pie.

    * We suggest the vegan margarine; it's tastier.

    What tofu is best for vegan chocolate pie?

    The best vegan chocolate pies make use of silken tofu in their recipes. This is the softest style of tofu that's on the market, and it's what gives the finished dessert that deliciously creamy texture at the end.

    If you're looking for firm tofu dessert recipes, this is not it! Silken tofu is essential in recipes such as this one to give it the desired texture.

    You can try other forms of tofu, but be wary of using anything labelled extra-firm, as it won't be quite as soft.

    Do I need to press tofu?

    When you cut open a new package of tofu, you'll notice that there is quite a bit of excess liquid. Tofu is stored in water to keep it from drying out and going mouldy. But before you start to prepare your dessert filling, you need to remove the majority of that excess water.

    Easily do this by using a tofu press. If you don't have a dedicated tofu press, then wrap your tofu block in paper towels and push down hard on it with a chopping board. That should do the trick, but it will still be fairly watery in comparison to a press.

    If you don't press the tofu, then you'll find that your pie filling will be very watery and rather bland tasting.

    How long does it take for a vegan chocolate pie to set up in the fridge?

    Vegan chocolate pie takes at least 12 hours to set up in the fridge, so this isn't a dessert to make at short notice. It takes a long time for all that creamy tofu filling to set properly.

    We'd recommend leaving your silken tofu chocolate pie for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator if you prefer the filling to be denser and firmer to the touch.

    How long can I store a vegan chocolate pie?

    Vegan chocolate pie keeps well in the refrigerator, and you can safely store it for up to 7 days. We'd be surprised, though, if your vegan chocolate pie makes it that long without being eaten!

    You can freeze the pie too, although, be warned that tofu isn't the best at being frozen. It can quickly lose its shape when you defrost it. If you do freeze the pie, make sure that you allow it to slowly defrost by keeping it overnight in the fridge before serving.

    What can I serve with vegan chocolate pie?

    A vegan chocolate pie tastes excellent on its own, served chilled right from the refrigerator. You can add a few extra toppings, though, if you're feeling adventurous.

    We already suggested adding a sprinkling of sea salt to add a contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate chips and pie base, but you could also add fresh or frozen berries as a garnish when you serve. Dark fruits, such as blackberries or cherries, go particularly well.

    Top your pie with coconut shavings to add a little crunch to each bite.

    If you're craving extra sweets, then a few scoops of your favourite vegan ice cream can never go amiss on top of your vegan chocolate pie!

    Why not prepare vegan chocolate pie at home?

    Vegans (or anyone with a dairy-intolerance, for that matter) no longer need to stand idly by while their friends enjoy their chocolate pies. Our vegan chocolate silk pie is the recipe you've been waiting for!

    It's easy to blend together and assemble, and there's absolutely no dairy involved at all. It's creamy, it's chocolatey, but it's entirely vegan-friendly. Will you be preparing your own vegan chocolate cream pie at home?


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